Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

The chief executive officer (CEO) at Ashbright is responsible for making top-level decisions, gathering resources that support the Agency and driving operational and structural changes that directly influence the Agency’s growth. He is alsoresponsible for strategic planning and analysis and implementing policies across all departments. The Agency prides in a CEO who is confident and natural leader with excellent problem-solving skills and a strong understanding of business finance. He is assisted by the Deputy Executive Officer and Administrative personnel to execute his or her duties.

Deputy Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

The role of the Deputy Chief Executive Officer of Ashbright Agency is to support the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) in the overall direction, management and administration of all aspects of the Agency`s operations. The Deputy CEO works closely with the CEO to create the management practices that enable a high performing and effective executive team.

Director Operations and Administration.

The Director Operations and administration is responsible for directing day to day administration, supervision, coordination and general oversight of all the departments of Ashbright Agency that include the Finance and Audit, ICT, PR and Communications, Marketing, Human Resources and Procurement/Purchasing to ensure efficient delivery of services to clients and partners and reports to the CEO of the Agency.

This position requires the holder to engage in talent management and development and ensure that team members grow in their experience and capabilities, oversees the completion of staff performance reviews, collaborating on marketing initiatives and strategies to direct the Agency towards growth, overseeing the implementation of occupational health and safety standards, motivating the company to surpass client satisfaction and retention among others.

Finance Manager.

The Manager is also responsible for all systems for collection of revenue, managing cash flow, reviewing financial plans of the Agency and improve finance department’s efficiency and performance in all aspects including contracts management. He or she is responsible for finding investors and external funding opportunities for growing the Agency, overseeing the expenses and assets of the company and managing both incoming revenue and outgoing expenses.

Thefinance Manager is further responsible for generating the annual and long-term financial goals of the Agency. He or She performs broad business and accounting tasks and is responsible for accuracy, timeliness and regulatory compliance of financial reporting. The position requires the holder to analyze financial statements and develop strategies for the Agency’s finances to ensure full transparency over its financial performance.

The position holder supports and reports to the Director Management services in ensuring that Ashbright Agency’s financial statements and tax obligations are as required.


The accountant’s core responsibilities are typically to prepare and examine financial records, assuring information is up to date and accurate. He or she is responsible for preparing budget forecasts, budgeting and managing financial information. He or she is responsible for advising and helping clients, whether individuals or other organizations working with the Agency, on financial situations and reinforce financial data confidentiality and conduct database backups when necessary.

Accountant Assistants.

These are responsible forpreparing accounts, compute taxes and tax returns, reconcile accounts payable and receivable, advising on how to reduce costs and increase profits, ensure timely bank payments, compiling and presenting financial and budget reports, ensure that financial statements and records comply with Agency specifications and keeping account books and systems up to date.

Payroll Assistants.

Payroll assistants help process wage garnishments and direct deposits for all employees as needed. They also keep all payroll information confidential, maintaining daily staffing sheets showing hours worked for all employees, maintaining privacy for each and every employees and answer questions from staff and managers regarding all payroll concerns.

Internal audit officer (IA).

The IA is responsible for keeping the Agency accountable regarding internal company procedures and industry rules. The duties include studying accounting records, preparing compliance reports and supervising company workflows. The Internal Auditor should be able to use skills in organization and project management to better understand the record-keeping processes of Ashbright Agency, while also offering recommendations for improvement.

Other duties include evaluation of financial documents for accuracy and compliance with UK regulations, identifying the financial risk of the Agency and offer recommendations to reduce risk, identifying accounting and financial record-keeping processes that can be improved, determine ways to cut costs and improve profitability, assess the efficiency and productivity of internal staff, present findings to upper management in the form of reports and presentation among others.

Human Resource Manager (HRM).

HRM is responsible for directing the administrative functions of human resources department, planning, directing, and coordinating the administrative functions of Ashbright and oversee the recruiting, interviewing, and hiring of new staff. The officer holder is required to consult with the CEO and Director Finance and Administration on strategic planning; and serve as a link between the Agency’s top management and its employees.

The HR manager is also mandated to attract, motivate and help the Agency keep qualified employees and match them to positions for which they are well-suited, administer employee-related services such as payroll and oversee all aspects of an organization’s human resources department, including the compensation and benefits program and the training and development program and securing regulatory compliance.

The HRM of Ashbright is further mandated to coordinate and supervise the work of specialists and support staff, handle staffing issues, such as mediating disputes and directing disciplinary procedures, and serve as a consultant with other managers advising them on human resources issues, such as equal employment opportunity and sexual harassment,

Human Resource Officers (HRO)

The Human Resources Officers provide timely, accurate advice, education information and support to management and staff on a range of Human Resources (HR) Management related policies, procedures, systems and issues.

HR officers draw up plans for future personnel hiring procedures and goals, performing administrative tasks, overseeing employee health and safety procedures, organizing and managing new employee orientation, on-boarding, and training programs, contacting applicants’ references, performing criminal background checks required by the Agency, explaining and providing information on employee benefits, programs, and education, maintaining employee records and paper works, answering employee questions and addressing employee concerns with company among others.

Domiciliary Care Services Manager.

The Manager oversees and ensures residential care is being provided according to nursing standards, and Ashbrights’s policies and procedures.

He is also responsible for developing, implementing, coordinating, evaluating and ensuring a broad range of acute care and facility based programs and respond to the physical, emotional, intellectual, spiritual and social needs of clients, residents and staff.

He is also responsible for overseeing compliance in line with policies, procedures and regulatory requirements, keeping up to date with changes in legislation, policy and regulations, implementation of robust recruitment processes designed to safeguard, support and develop individuals and work towards a high retention ratio, liaise with regulators, clients, social workers and other associated professionals or relevant others to ensure good communication and best practice always.

Maintain expert knowledge of current trends in nursing through professional development and review of literature and membership in professional associations engineered towards fostering an environment at Ashbright that is conducive to meeting the quality standards of the services offered hence contributing to the development of strategic goals for Ashbright.

The Care Operations Officer is responsible for Planning and monitoring department staffing activities, evaluating and engaging in care education initiatives. The officer also ensures that the Agency operates in compliance with the Regulatory Agencies.

Agency Employment Manager.

The Manager is responsible for conducting meetings with potential employers to agree on qualification criteria for job seekers, maintain a portfolio of clients and build ongoing relationships with them, ensure Ashbright keeps up-to-date with current employment legislation and procedures and build a network with job seekers and employers online and offline.

Manager is responsible for supervising the Employees/Clients placement, maintaining database and coordinating employee clients and staffing them to the respective Employers that require their skills and competency.

The manager ensures that Ashbright’s policies, procedures and guidelines are complied with, the best interests of the clients seeking placements are maintained and protected and that the respective fees by the employees or clients are paid.

Liaison Officers.

The officers are also responsible for testing the abilities and suitability of clients seeking placement to obtain a match for them in the various companies interested in their services.

Ensuring that Ashbright maintains a database of the clients and potential companies and ensure that it excels in offering services of search, selection, payroll, advice to candidates on CVs and interviews and additional training for workers to enable them find placemats that match candidates’ expectations and profiles.

The Officers are also responsible for publishing and promoting job ads on social media, job boards and other platforms, prepare candidates for job interviews, learn about the markets they specialize in, help job seekers choose a career path, give feedback to unsuccessful candidates and verify references and conduct background checks on job candidates.

Agency Chefs Catering Services Manager.

Coordinating the registration of agency chefs to be maintained for hire by Ashbright and ensuring that high level of professionalism and standard is maintained.

The manager is responsible for supervising Chefs’ placement, maintaining database and coordinating our chefs and clients according to the agreed guidelines.

The manager is responsible for organizing meetings with the clients in order to determine their needs such as the level of formality required, the guest count in case of an event and the vision that the client has for the Chef.

The manager negotiates contracts with customers, assess their requirements and ensure they are satisfied with the service delivered.

Ensure that Ashbright’s policies and procedures are maintained and any other associated professional guidelines and regulations are not breached and that the agency keeps abreast of trends and developments in the industry, such as menus or trends in consumer tastes.

Purchasing Officer,

A purchasing officer at Ashbright is responsible for ensuring that the Agency purchases the goods and services that will best help it achieve its goals. Generally, this means finding supplier partners that strike a balance between quality and cost. Additionally, purchasing officer at the Agency is responsible for reviewing and evaluating past purchases made by the Agency to determine vendor effectiveness, compliance and ultimately, Ashbright’s return on investment (ROI)

The Purchasing Officer is also responsible for overseeing and supervising employees and all activities of the purchasing department, liaising with key Agency employees to determine their product and service needs, coordinating all procurement activities including pre-qualification, negotiating supplier agreements, preparation of contracts and tender management, identifying areas for improvement to continually drive performance and Ashbright’s results, developing strong relationships with Agency stakeholders and strategic supply partners to improve services and creating policies and procedures for risk management and mitigation.

Assistant purchasing officers.

These are responsible for preparing plans for the purchase of the Agency’s equipment, and supplies, ensuring following and enforcing of the Agency’s procurement policies and procedures, reviewing, comparing, analyzing, and approving purchases services, managing inventories and maintaining accurate purchase and pricing records. They are also responsible for maintaining and updating supplier information such as qualifications, delivery times, product ranges and maintaining good supplier relations, researching and evaluating prospective suppliers and preparing budgets, cost analyses, and reports.

ICT Manager (ICTM)

The person holding this office controls the technological requirements of the Agency, manages its technological functions and is required to integrate new technology trends and ensure any technology introduced meets the needs of the Agency. The position oversees high-level functions of the department and supervision of the IT team and is expected to remain well-versed in all aspects of technology. 

Other duties include the creation of strategy for technology platform, supervision of IT staff, collaboration with the marketing, development and operations departments to select and deliver different products and developments, create standards and practices for the use of technology and ensure adherence by all staff members, control the annual operating and capital budgets for technological purchasing, staffing and operations, drive thought leadership, innovation and creativity among others.

ICT Network Officer

The Officer is responsible for effectively managing and developing the ICT network and infrastructure services in support of the strategic and operational requirements of Ashbright in order to ensure the security and optimum performance of the network and infrastructure services.

The Network Officer determines the extent to which solutions perform “as required” within the current environment to ensure that future solutions meet anticipated demand, design, implement, administer, and troubleshoot network infrastructure devices, including wireless access points, firewall, routers, switches, controllers etc.. He is also responsible for creating accurate network diagrams and documentation for design and planning network communication systems and ensuring that installations are completed to time, cost and quality, so as to minimize operational and project risk and ensure costs are contained.

ICT Support Officers.

These officers are primarily mandated to provide coaching and training to ICT staff and users, draft procedures and instructions to promote a better understanding of the use of the ICT equipment and liaise directly with end users to clarify, analyze and resolve reported issues, delivering high standards of customer service.

Public Relations and Communications Manager.

The Communications and PR Manager is responsible for creating and promoting the corporate identity and mission to clients and partners, the public, and employees through the creation and distribution of brochures, news releases, and other documents.

The holder of office oversees and produces, from concept to completion, a broad array of digital and/or print promotional and communication materials for Ashbright and ensures that all materials presented are clear, unified and create positive image for the Agency’s brand.

The PR and Communications Manager is also responsible for promoting and attending special events and functions, promoting and reporting on corporate milestones and activities such as Agency’s goals and projects, new services, community service activities, and new hires, promotions, and retirements. He or She arranges for photography and/or press coverage for special events and performs other related duties as they may arise.

Communication /Media Officer.

This officer is responsible for creating communications content on behalf of Ashbright and does everything from writing press releases to developing blog content and creating social media posts. The officer is also tasked with tracking campaign analytics and maintaining digital media archives.

Marketing Manager (MM).

The Marketing Manager directs marketing campaigns, plans marketing budgets and manages the entire marketing department of the Agency. This role is in charge of multiple marketing teams, each with their own team leader or marketing manager. Additionally, the CMO makes the final decisions regarding the development and implementation of various marketing projects.

Marketing Officers.

These are responsible for overseeing the internal and external marketing campaigns of Ashbright.Marketing officers, thus, identify services and markets, suggest marketing strategies and approaches, and measure the results of all the efforts.